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December 14, 2014 Meeting

It's Time to regroup for Friends of Film, Video & Arts!!

Our Program next meeting: Sunday, December 14, 2014:

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PRESENTERS: Friends of Film, Video & Arts

10th Anniversary and holiday gathering, update on Project Quirky View, and fun screenings 

Come Celebrate with Friends!  
Bring a potluck dish to share.

Friends of Film, Video & Arts

Sunday, December 14
, 2014
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Socializing & Networking 3:00 - 3:30pm
Updating and Screenings

Members: FREE
Non-Members: bring a Pot Luck Dish

To be confirmed

Regular Meetings: Free to current members
Non-Members $10 at the door
For more info: (505.321.6806)

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Friends of Film, Video and Arts
is a program under the Digital Filmmaking Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Friend of Film, Video and Arts


Friends of Film, Video and Arts follows the Cooperative Model and spirit in how we function.We pay to be members. We have a voice in how things are run. We volunteer our time to run the organization, keeping it fun and relevant. We work together on FoFVA productions that benefit members and the larger community. And we’re a hospitable bunch.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Friends of Film, Video and Arts currently meets every third Sunday from August through June each year.
A great opportunity to meet others working in the film industry, find solutions to creative blocks, gain experience in new areas, work on film projects, create a film team and screen member’s short films.   Friends of Film, Video and Arts follows the Cooperative Model and spirit in how we function. We pay to be members.  We have a voice in how things are run. We volunteer our time to run the organization, keeping it fun and relevant.  We work together on FoFVA productions that benefit members and the larger community.  And we’re a hospitable bunch.

2014 Schedule

December 14, 2014: Networking & Social - Program To Be Announced
(Non-members: Bring Pot Luck Dish; Members FREE)


November 16, 2014: - ORIENTATION TO QV/FoFVA partnered PRODUCTION (required attendance)
(Non-members: $10; Members FREE)


October 26, 2014: THE ROAD FORWARD: R&D of the model so far; NEW WEBSITE PROGRESS  (we will be in touch with current members about roles/tasks/learnings) 
(Non-members: $10; Members FREE)


September 21, 2014: Networking & Social - Program: (1) What I did over the summer? (2) organizing upcoming FoFVA year
(Non-members: $10; Members FREE)


August 17, 2014: Pot Luck
(Non-members: $5 or bring a Pot Luck dish; Members FREE)


June 8, 2014: Panel Discussion: "48 Hour Film Project"
(Non-members: $10; Members FREE)


May 18, 2014: Discussion: Streaming Media with Tobi Younis, Executive Producer at StreamingNM
(Non-members: $10; Members FREE)


April 20, 2014: Networking & Social, with presenter Kippur "Show & Tell" screening and discussion.
(Non-members:$5 donation or bring a pot luck dish; members free)


March 16, 2014: Networking & Social
(Non-members:$5 donation or bring a pot luck dish; members free)


February 16, 2014: Panel Discussion -“Tips, Tricks & Techniques”
(Non-members:$10 donation or bring a pot luck dish; members free)


January 19, 2014: Networking & Social
(Non-members:$5 donation or bring a pot luck dish; members free).

2015 Schedule

January 18, 2015: Hands on Production Workshop for upcoming field shoot
(Non-members: $10; Members FREE)


February 15, 2015:  To Be Announced
(Non-members: $10; Members FREE)


March 15, 2015:  To Be Announced
(Non-members: $10; Members FREE)


April 19, 2015:  To Be Announced
(Non-members: $10; Members FREE)


May 17, 2015:  To Be Announced
(Non-members: $10; Members FREE)


June 14, 2015:  To Be Announced
(Non-members: $10; Members FREE)

Member dues are collected before each program for those who wish to join.

For more info regarding locations and programs: (505.321.6806)

Our gatherings are every third Sunday of the month at Location to be Announced
These gatherings are free for members and only a $10 suggested donation for guests/potential members.
Member dues are collected before each program for those who wish to join.

Previous Programs

Streaming Media
The Whole World is Watching In this presentation Toby Younis, Executive Producer at StreamingNM will explain the principles, concepts and technology that enable anyone to live stream their messages to the rest of the world. Mr. Younis will also explain and demonstrate the state-of-the-technology portable, mobile solution from streaming a wide range of events from large conferences to live news with three setups: a three camera shoot, a one camera shoot, and the essential guerrilla journalist.

How to Upload Content to the Internet
John Maio, will teach you how to upload user generated content (UGC) to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Blip, Facebook,
and Metacafe.  These sites are designed for broad streaming and have the ability to further format so that content can
play on different display media - from desktop to iPhone. John will also discuss wrappers, codecs, file types, bandwidth,
frame rates, video and audio formats to obtain the optimal audience experience.  He’ll even cover some of the tools to
consider using to achieve the best results.

"Crowd Funding Can Work For You!"
Nina Knapp, an Albuquerque filmmaker, and Angie Beauchamp, Lightning Web Marketing present:It's more than just
setting up your campaign on any one of several crowd funding sites. Crowd funding CAN work for you,
but in order to be successful, it is essential to invest time in marketing to attract donors. So, besides offering
suggestions/tips on setting up a dynamic site, we will discuss how to build email lists, social media contacts and
community in advance of launching your funding project, so that you have a group of people who already feel involved and
connected to you and your project. Then we will look at how to use persuasive marketing techniques like scarcity, social proof,
implied celebrity endorsements, bonuses, and more to get people to actually pull out their credit cards at launch time.

How to make a Million Dollar
Sheryl Brown of Real to Reel Productions, shared options of various film competitions that you can easily enter and
hopefully win some $$$$. Additional guests were on hand who have entered competitions and shared their insights.

The State of Editing
Chris Paul of POV Productions gave a brief history on editing up through current trends and recent changes
in software for MAC and PC operating systems.

101 Ways to make a funny film, or how to make a film funny, from script to edit
filmmakers who have made us laugh, including Jessi Badami and Randy Nargi of Bogwood films, and
Matt Page of RiffRaff New Media. Plus lots of fun participation encouraged from everyone in the room.

101 things learned from Webisode workshop productions
Led by Chris Paul with Sheryl Brown and all those involved in production since December 2010. We will screen productions and
review what they've learned and talk about next steps

Creating Content for Digital Media –New Opportunities for Filmmakers
Carolyn Handler Miller is the author of Digital Storytelling:
A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment and one of the pioneering writers of digital media.
She moved into this field after a successful career as a Hollywood screenwriter.
Introducing filmmakers to the latest trends in creating content for digital technology and discuss where and how
filmmakers can apply their skills to this rapidly expanding arena. While focusing primarily on what is going on
around the Internet, Carolyn will also explore new developments in video games and mobile apps and take a
look at the quickly growing and exciting field of transmedia storytelling (a form of narrative where a single story
is told and interconnected across many forms of media).

What are the latest trends in digital media and what kinds of opportunities does this field present to people
with filmmaking experience? And what should they be aware of and what should they be prepared for?
What new techniques must be employed to work in digital media content creation and what special
considerations must the filmmaker keep in mind?

4th Annual Laugh Out Loud Film Festival 2011
Friends of Film, Video & Arts wishes to thank everyone who participated, volunteered, attended and any one else not mentioned.
Thank You for a fun Laugh Out Loud Film Festival!
(see pictures)

Pitch Package 101

The basics of putting together a pitch package for your television series or film project.
Using an animated television series as an example, we looked at what goes into putting together a pitch package, including
the demo reel and the pitch bible

101 things to know about Set Design, from building sets to Art Direction

Set dressing and props - or all things art department: from pre-production, through location scout, tech scout, on set,
and then clean-up. Presenters: Steve Brown and Christina Bouajila will be creating a set at Mike Millers studio

101 Things to Know About Storytelling
The Art of Storytelling in Documentaries and through narrative. We will be screening the directors cut video on the Art of Storytelling
produced by Friends of Film, Video & Arts with on air guests including Michael Kamins, Arcie Chapa & Chris Schueler . . . additional
guests will be on hand who can speak to the subject

Season Wrap Party 2011!

For members and others who make films and support the film community!
We celebrated together with a Season Wrap Party. PLUS participated in the inaugural run of the all-new all-fun
Mystery Shadow Theater!

101 Ways to Produce and Distribute your Webisode

Presenters include writer/director of “Date Doctor's" series, Hannah Macpherson, Bekkah Wiggins, and Ultimatum Pictures.

101 Ways to Avoid Getting Sued in Films
Chad Mathis (entertainment attorney) and Cara Cress (Entertainment Insurance Agent) presenters.

Music Licensing 101
Basics of using music in film/TV and what is required of you as a film maker/production company to keep track of.
We took a look at what Performing Rights and what a “PRO” is and their role in all this, as well as Mechanical Licenses
and who administers them to the very important Synchronization Rights and License. And yes, we took a test at the
end of the program…just kidding!

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